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Complete Security & Monitoring Solution

A smart solution that provides a dependable system that conforms to the evolving security and surveillance needs of your premises.

How does it work?

WHO CAME IN, a mobile tablet friendly android app, developed to achieve automation of recording and managing visitor in-flow/out-flow efficiently. Uses a pre-built user defined list of members with their details including phone number and photographs to idenfy visitors. Issues a QR code to every visitor making it easy to record and retrieve data. We guarantee that the visitor data is authentic.

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    With the increasing rates of child related crimes, students’ safety is at stake and is a major concern both for parents and schools. The Karnataka State Government has recognised the need to place child safety at the prime and thus has mandated the record-keeping of visitors at the school premises. Traditional logbooks make the task tedious and the records, easy to manipulate or destroy. Moreover, even if a suspicious act is detected, CCTV camera aren’t always enough to identify the people involved. As a part of a progressive society, schools will benefit by employing means to facilitate child safety and security- WHOCAME.IN is an initiative to achieve it in a responsible and reliable manner. Schools can maintain a database with the details (name, address, phone number and photograph) of authorised personnel-including, teachers, students’, guardians and staff and record and regulate the visitor activity in the school premises. The app is designed to aid maintenance of better order and provide the first line of defence against any untoward action by unauthorised visitors.

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    We recognized the increasing concern for children safety and developed a responsible and reliable approach to make schools a secure place for learning and growth of students. Parents can involve in the effort to ensure their child’s safety by participating through the mobile friendly version of the app which will soon be available. You can provide your personal details and can authorise a person via the app prior to their visit and help the schools to maintain order in the premises. WHOCAME.IN is an advanced surveillance system to keep a check over unwanted in-flow of unauthorised visitors and to prevent unpleasant actions that might be a threat to child safety.

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    Whocame.in is a means to provide an advanced surveillance system for apartments/ community-residences/ housing societies. Every safety managing authority sensitive towards today’s increasing safety needs, a humungous and complex task, strives hard to ensure the same. Recent security breach incidences have made clear that this cannot be achieved by mere book keeping at the gate or even sparse CCTV cameras alone. Whocame.in is an interactive app which provides the first line of defence against any miscreants, while helping to maintain a smooth in- and out-flow of the residents. With Whocame.in, both, the residents and the security management authority participate in safeguarding the premises.

    Does it matter? When the residents do not have to worry about leaving their house locked or be anxious about children playing in the compound or the elders taking a stroll by themselves, you know that the surroundings are certainly more liveable- something that every community would take pride in achieving.

    While safety of the residential surrounding is the right of every resident, it’s a combined responsibility of administration as well as the residents- Whocame.in is the reliable and sustainable safety solution. The app allows you to register every resident with their authenticated phone numbers and photograph identification. Through the app on their personal devices, the residents provide details of trusted visitors, relatives or friends to be allowed inside the premises and the time of visit even if they are not at home. This indirect registration of the visitors (name, photograph and phone number) needs to be done in advance to the proposed visit, thus making visitors’ authentication mandatory, yet easy. These inputs help the authorities to regulate, record and restrict the entry by outsiders and tackle security issues at the community level. Kindly see the features section for the app specifics and feel free to mail or talk to us for more details about installing and using the app.

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    We dread leaving our house locked everyday while going to work or worse when going out of station for a longer duration for work or holiday. We worry about the safety of our children or the elder members of the family who’re alone at home. Nights only bring more fear of safety and security, all the more if one’s alone at home. In dire security breach incidences, the hazy CCTV footages have fell short on capturing the clear images of the responsible personnel making identification and immediate action difficult. Now is the time to act and take responsibility of your safety! Here’s the way- Whocame.in, a smart and innovative interactive surveillance-app that provides advanced technology based solutions to ensure apartments’/ community residences’/ housing societies’ safety. You’re only a few clicks away to a secure living.

    Three steps to ensure safety

    1. Download the app on your smart phone/ desktop/ laptop(freely available on google play store).
    2. Register all the house-residents (names, phone numbers and photograph identity).
    3. If and when needed, register your visitors (name, phone number and photograph) with the details of their visiting time. With mobile phone registration and photograph verification of every visitor, there’s clear identification of every visitor. It not only cuts the entry of mischievous intruders thus prohibiting any untoward actions by them, in case of one, it enables forthright identification. Moreover, if you have relatives or friends visiting while you’re out, you can avoid any inconvenience to them by providing the details of their visit and their photo and phone number for identification in advance. Contact your apartment/ community residence/ housing society authorities, participate in making a safe surrounding.


Reliable campus security and visitors surveillance system can be vital in safeguarding offices, schools and residential community appartements.


  • Uses a pre-built user- defined list of members with their details including phone number and photographs to identify visitors.
  • Every entry and exit of all personnel gets on the record.
  • Issues a unique barcode to every visitor making it easy record and retrieve the data.
  • Overcomes the limitations of CCTV cameras and poorly maintained log-books.


  • An e-logbook of every visitors name, phone number and photograph.
  • Generates statistics of frequency of visits/hr, frequency of visits/visitor/month and time spent/visit/person.
  • Sends out warning message if a visitor doesn’t check-out within the school’s visiting-hours.


  • Automatic cloud update system uploads entry records every minute.
  • Safeguards from any loss of data and/or human manipulation.
  • Computerization eliminates the use of unmanageable and easy to be lost and spoiled logbooks.


  • User friendly tab with ready-to-use preloaded app.
  • Device camera used for taking photograph of the visitors and as a barcode scanner.
  • Bluetooth printer to provide on-the-go visitor passes.
  • All future updates available free of cost.


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